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Wine Grapes

Uva da Vino

Chris Charalambides started importing wine grapes from Italy over 30 years ago. As he slowly started to work with the Italian community in London he became partners with Giuliano Grasso. Together they established themselves in the Italian and Portuguese community and became the leading importers of wine grapes in the UK.


The wine grape season starts in September and runs until the end of October. The family tradition of wine making is still as strong as ever allowing Chris and Giuliano to continue in meeting the demands of the Italian and Portuguese communities.

Our Specialties

The wine grapes imported are of the highest quality and sourced from some of the very best vineyards in Italy. The two main types of wine grape Chris and Giuliano have chosen to specialise in are the “Sangiovese” and the “Montepulciano” which are the two most popular and flavoursome wine grape. These come from the areas of Abruzzo, Puglia, Bari and Sicily.