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The Shiraz wine grape – also known as the Syrah – is widely grown across the world, and Italy is no exception. It’s very popular with our customers, but demand often outstrips our supply, so it’s best to get your orders in quickly.

Most of the Italian production is centred on the island of Sicily, although vineyards in Puglia and Abruzzo also grow this particular black grape varietal. At C & M Watermelon Imports Ltd we get our grapes from all three areas, depending on the climate in any given year. The Shiraz crop is always ready very early in the year (like the Sangiovese grape).

Wine Grapes From Italy

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Mediterranean Climate

Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, the Italian Shiraz grape usually produces a powerful, fruity red wine, often with elements of blackcurrant and blackberry. If it’s grown in a cooler climate then the textures tend to be more earthy, with stricter tannins.

The Italian Shiraz can also be blended with other varietals such as Nero d’Avola, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, to add extra body and elegance.

Puglia District

Shiraz pairs well with grilled or stewed red meat, including beef, lamb and pork. It can be a good compliment to some pasta dishes as well – preferably ones which have a meat-rich red sauce.

Our Shiraz grapes can be delivered to all parts of the UK, including Cardiff and other towns and cities in south Wales, Manchester, Birmingham and London. If you would like to know more either follow this link or call us on 0208 345 5555.

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