The Sangiovese Wine Grape


The Sangiovese is the most widely grown grape in Italy, and it is popular with wine drinkers who like medium or full-bodied reds. Most of the grapes are used to produce dry red wines, although its versatility means it can adapt well to many different climates and soils, resulting in a distinctly different taste.

Wine Grapes From Italy

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Fruity Flavour

Younger Sangiovese wines tend to have a fruity flavour – often with hints of strawberries, plums or cherries. If they have been aged in barrels they will usually have a more oaky texture. All Sangiovese grapes have high levels of tannins and acidity.

Its flavour means it goes well with classic Italian cuisine, such as pasta, pizza and gnocchi; and it’s also the perfect accompaniment to many meat dishes too, including roast chicken, lamb chops, dry-cured ham and sausages. The high acidity of Sangiovese wine helps to balance out any fat in the meat. Non-meat eaters can enjoy it as well – the wine is also an ideal pairing with grilled vegetables and vegetable soup.

Puglia District

At C & M Watermelon Imports Ltd, we import our Sangiovese grapes from the Puglia district of Italy – a long and narrow stretch of southern Italy which forms the ‘heel’ of Italy’s boot. It’s one of the first grape varietals to be ready and cut for shipping to the UK every year.

We transport our Sangiovese grapes to all parts of the UK, including south Wales, Manchester, Birmingham and London, where we are based. If you would like to know more either follow this link or call us on 0208 345 5555.

Sangiovese Grapes