The Montepulciano Wine Grape


The Montepulciano is the second most widely-grown grape in Italy and is the most popular of all the grapes we import. Because it’s so hardy and thick-skinned, it is easy to grow in large quantities, particularly in the regions of Abruzzo, Marche, Molise, Puglia and Umbria. However, one place where it is not grown is the town of Montepulciano in Tuscany, where the soil and climate are more suitable for the Sangiovese grape.

Usually, the Montepulciano grape season starts a little later than the other varieties, as it needs more time to ripen. It is usually ready for importing in mid-September.

Wine Grapes From Italy

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Red & Dry

Montepulciano wine is usually red and dry – the grape produces dark, full-bodied varietals. It has a fruity texture, with hints of plums and blackberries in many examples, but it isn’t particularly sweet. Thanks to its softer tannins and high acidity, it has a fairly dry texture.

It goes well with any rich foods, such as beef dishes like brisket, bolognese and shepherd’s pie. It also complements vegetable dishes which contain mushrooms, tomatoes, beetroot and baked potatoes. And it also pairs well with some cheeses such as parmesan and aged cheddar.

Puglia District

At C & M Watermelon Imports we import our Montepulciano grapes from the Abruzzo and Puglia regions of Italy. Abruzzo is a 10,000km2 area to the east of Rome, and has borders with the Adriatic Sea (to the east) and the Apennine mountains (to the west); Puglia covers the south-eastern corner of Italy, making up the heel of the country’s boot. Both are ideal regions for growing high-quality Montepulciano grapes.

We can deliver our Montepulciano grapes to all parts of the UK, including Cardiff and other parts of south Wales, Manchester and Birmingham. If you would like to know more either follow this link or call us on 0208 345 5555.

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