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Italian Wine Grapes

Our Italian wine grapes imported are of the highest quality and sourced from some of the very best vineyards in Italy.

Family run since 1973

The leading supplier in the UK

C & M Watermelon Imports Ltd is a family business founded by Chris “Melon Man” Charalambides. From the outset, in 1973, Chris has been regarded as the leading supplier of watermelons in the UK. Chris’ strength lies in the fact that he continues to source the best watermelons, at the best quality, at the largest volume, at the most competitive prices from across Europe, Africa and Asia.


Chris “Melon Man” Charalambides

Unique amongst his competitors, Chris’s vast experience and exclusive contacts ensures the highest quality crop year-after-year. Crucially, he takes a direct and active involvement in the planting, growing and cutting of the watermelons keeping an ever watchful eye for the quality that is his signature.

Meet Aliki

Over 20 years of experience

While Chris is in the fields, watching over the watermelons, the London office is led by his daughter Aliki. She has been in partnership with her father for over 20 years and ensures that the UK market is stocked with watermelons throughout the season. Aliki is assisted by her experienced and friendly team.

From Across Europe and Beyond

Only the finest watermelons


C&M Watermelon Imports Ltd are the No.1 specialists in Greek watermelons. The watermelons are sourced from all over Greece with a particular focus on the Peloponnese region. Watermelon is one of the most important exported fruits in Greece. This is because of its excellent quality. Other countries include: Bulgaria, Cyprus, North Macedonia, Hungary, Italy, Tunisia, Morocco, Spain and Turkey.

Wine Grapes

Uva da Vino

Chris Charalambides started importing wine grapes from Italy over 40 years ago. Chris established himself in the Italian and Portuguese community and became the leading importer of wine grapes in the UK.

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Excellent professional friendly staff, efficient reliable service and the best watermelons in London. Thank you for your support in supplying watermelons for us to sell. You are our No1 supplier! You can’t go wrong with C&M Watermelons.

Shaheer Halal Meats

We would like say that the service from C&M Watermelons has always been to a very high standard and we will be a customer for the foreseeable future. The W/Melons are always fresh sweet and juicy and they always come with a smile.

Despina Foods Ltd

The speed of service in turning the trucks around is second to none. I personally would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone, financially or for their service level.

Harry C Eames
MMD Shipping Services Ltd

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