Two of the most common types of Italian wine are Sangiovese and Montepulciano – and, just like everything that comes out of the country’s vineyards, the wines made with these grapes are seen as an essential accompaniment to meals, as well as something to be enjoyed on their own.

C & M Watermelon Imports Limited are one of the leading names in the Italian wine grape sector, importing the fruit to Manchester, Birmingham, London and across the UK. Here we look at the foods that pair well with wines made with Sangiovese and Montepulciano grapes – as well as one or two dishes to avoid.

The Sangiovese

This is a grape that usually produces a dry red wine, which can be anything from medium to full-bodied in flavour, depending on the climate and conditions in which it has been grown. Due to its flavour profile, it goes well with classic Italian dishes such as anything containing pasta; it is also an ideal accompaniment to pizza and gnocchi (particularly with sage and butter).

As far as meat dishes go, it is ideal with rich flavoured roasts such as chicken and other game birds, along with lamb chops. It also works well with dry-cured ham, cured sausages and salami. It’s a good match because the high acid content in the wine will balance out the fat in the meat.

For those people who don’t eat meat, grilled vegetables and vegetable soups are a good match. And, towards the end of a meal, Sangiovese also complements hard-aged cheeses such as pecorino.

What to avoid – spicy foods such as any Indian cuisine don’t go well with this type of wine. This is because the flavours in the meat will make the wine taste even drier than it actually is. If you do want to go down this route, choose a fairly mild dish.

The Montepulciano

This grape also produces a dry tasting red wine which generally goes well with any rich foods, thanks to its natural acidity. This means it can be used with many beef dishes including bolognese, brisket, burgers and shepherd’s pie. Other meats which it can complement include pork (particularly roasted) and, if you want to be more adventurous, goat.

Sauces and seasoning (particularly for the above meat dishes) including herbs such as sage, basil, rosemary and thyme, black pepper and cumin also go well with wines made with this type of grape.

If you aren’t a meat eater, vegetable dishes containing baked potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes and beetroot (and meat-free pizzas) also benefit from this type of wine, particularly in the colder winter months.

Cheeses that pair well with these wines include parmesan, asiago and aged cheddar. And it doesn’t just go with UK or Italian dishes, many Asian staples such as Peking duck benefit from the richness of a Montepulciano red.

What to avoid – it’s best to avoid drinking it with simple foods such as salads and fish as these can be overwhelmed by the richness of the wine.

C & M Watermelon Imports Ltd – Italian Wine Grape Importer in Cardiff & South Wales

C & M Watermelon Imports Ltd are one of the major importers of Italian wine grapes (specifically the Sangiovese and Montepulciano varieties) and watermelons. As with watermelons, we ensure that only the best quality fruit is imported, ensuring that UK manufacturers can recreate an authentic Italian dining experience.

We can transport Sangiovese and Montepulciano grapes to all parts of the UK, including Manchester, Birmingham, London, Cardiff and South Wales. If you would like to know more either follow this link or call us on 0208 345 5555.