For centuries, wine has entranced human senses as the elixir of life. Its diverse flavours, aromas, and textures trace back to the variety of grapes employed in winemaking. From Sicily’s rolling hills to Puglia’s sun-kissed vineyards, each grape variety imparts a unique personality to its wine. Our blog at C&M will help you explore the world of Italian wine grapes, delving into the characteristics of six captivating imports: Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Shiraz, Merlot, Moscato, and Trebbiano.


Sangiovese: The Heart of Tuscany 

Sangiovese: The Heart of Tuscany 

At C & M Watermelon Imports Ltd, we source our Sangiovese grapes from the Puglia district in Italy. Puglia is a long and narrow stretch in the southern part of Italy, forming the ‘heel’ of the country’s boot. Every year, it’s one of the first grape varietals we harvest and ship to the UK.

Sangiovese, often nicknamed the “blood of Jove,” referencing the Roman god Jupiter, takes the lead in crafting iconic Italian wines like Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino. This red grape carries flavours of red cherry, plum, and earthy tones, complemented by lively acidity and medium to high tannins. Sangiovese wines eloquently reflect their terroir, capturing the essence of the Italian landscape.

Montepulciano: The Robust Italian Red

Montepulciano: The Robust Italian Red

The Montepulciano is the second most widely grown grape in Italy and is the most popular of all the grapes we import. We import our Montepulciano grapes from the Abruzzo and Puglia regions of Italy. Abruzzo is a 10,000km area to the east of Rome. It has borders with the Adriatic Sea (to the east) and the Apennine mountains (to the west); Puglia covers the south-eastern corner of Italy, making up the heel of the country’s boot. Both are ideal regions for growing high-quality Montepulciano grapes.

Hailing from central Italy, Montepulciano produces wines that are rich, dark, and full-bodied. Its wines often display ripe black fruit flavours like blackberry and plum, alongside hints of spice and chocolate. The grape’s versatility makes it suitable for crafting approachable, everyday wines as well as more complex, age-worthy options.

Shiraz (Syrah): The Bold Emissary

Shiraz (Syrah): The Bold Emissary

Known as Syrah in France, these wines boast bold, intense flavours—dark fruit, black pepper, and often a smoky, spicy hint. Styles vary from robust to elegant based on region and winemaking.

A highly sought-after grape by customers, demand often surpasses supply; quick orders are advised. Mainly produced in Sicily, also in Puglia, Abruzzo. At C & M Watermelon Imports Ltd, we source from all three regions, dependent on the year’s climate. Shiraz ripens early (like Sangiovese).

Merlot: The Velvet Elegance

Shiraz (Syrah): The Bold Emissary

At C & M Watermelon Imports we import our Merlot grapes from Puglia, in the south-eastern corner of Italy, and it’s available throughout the season. Merlot is celebrated for its soft, velvety texture and approachable character. With flavours spanning from plums and cherries to hints of cocoa and vanilla, Merlot creates wines that are versatile and easy to enjoy. It’s often used in blending, especially in Bordeaux blends, where it adds suppleness and rounds out the structure.  

Moscato: The Sweet and Fragrant Dessert Delight

Shiraz (Syrah): The Bold Emissary

The Moscato is part of the Muscat family of wine grapes, which has been around for thousands of years. In Italy, the most common varietal is the Moscato Bianco (White Muscat), the fourth most widely grown white wine grape in the country.

Moscato, or Muscat, is famous for its aromatic profile, often exuding notes of orange blossom, peach, and apricot. While it’s capable of producing dry wines, Moscato is renowned for its sweet iterations that sparkle on the palate. Its low alcohol content and refreshing acidity make it a popular choice for those seeking a light and lively dessert wine.

Trebbiano: The Crisp Italian White

Shiraz (Syrah): The Bold Emissary

At C & M Watermelon Imports Ltd, we source Trebbiano grapes from Italy’s Abruzzo and Puglia regions. This white grape boasts high acidity and a neutral flavor. It’s a staple in Italian white wine, yielding crisp, refreshing wines with citrus notes. These wines can be simple or complex.

These six Italian grape varieties offer a glimpse into winemaking’s allure. From bold Shiraz to delicate Moscato, each grape imparts distinctive qualities. Exploring them lets us journey through diverse landscapes and cultures shaping winemaking. Whether sipping Tuscan Sangiovese or velvety Merlot, every grape tells a tale.

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